Cricket Score Bord

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The scoreboard’s portable design means it can be transported between venues very easily, making it the ideal choice for all cricket clubs.

Cricket Score Bord

Cricket Score Bord

Made from high quality wood, with a protective coating to ensure a long lasting and durable scoreboard that will last season after season.

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Innovatively designed to fold in on itself, before stowing away securely in a bag-style carrying handle, with portability at the forefront of design.

Put your players and supporters in the picture with this highly visible hand board. Manufactured and treated with high quality wood, this scoreboard is built to last. Clad in a matte black finish, the scoreboard has a traditional look, with a premium feel. Fully equipped with highly visible number cards in a ring clip, the board allows for a quick and easy change of numbers that are visible to players, referees and supporters across the pitch. The carefully crafted table shows ‘Total’, ‘Wickets’, ‘Overs’ and ‘Last Innings’, all the key details required for any cricket game. Each cricket scoreboard is easy to assemble and disassemble, thanks to stainless steel hinges that allow the board to be folded in half and securely snapped together to give a bag-style design for easy carrying with a durable handle. The compact and lightweight nature of the folding board makes the board perfect for storage when not in use, taking up minimal space compared to standard non-folding boards. The versatile product can be used as a full stand with legs, or simply as a scoreboard on its own, providing users with all the key details of your traditional scoreboard.

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