Cricket – The judge’s decision is…of course. If the decision review process is not disciplined [Andrew Boyers/Action Pictures via Reuters]

12 months ago the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), who are the custodians of cricket’s laws, changed some of the existing ones and introduced new rules to the game.



From substitutions and dead balls to banning non-striker’s runs and kicking the ball. Cricket has undergone significant changes.

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But there is always room for it. Here are five more rules that Al Jazeera thinks cricket needs to change.

Cricket is a batting game regardless of the style of play or the condition of the game in question. Love borders; High scoring and ball watching in the field are often cited as reasons behind officials leaning toward batters.

The battery is often far from fault – reduced grip; short edge It tends to be hit and miss. However, there are many penalties for the bowler, including overtaking, extra runs and following a free hit without giving the batsman.

If the battery is allowed to discharge incorrectly. No further penalty is required for the goalkeeper after a slight extension of the foot.

Today’s Cricket Match

One free hit rule = make it count. And #TowhidHridoy is so cute! 🫡🙌 ground breaking gives #Bangladesh’s innings some much needed boost. 💪 Join #AsiaCupOnStar live on Star Sports Network #SLvBAN #Cricket — Star Sports (@StarSportsIndia) September 9, 2023 2. Stop second chances

We called it the battery game. From limiting the number of balls to the number of new balls at both ends of an ODI; As long as the pitch is limited and the bowlers limit is over.

So why does the second chance to prevent the ball from hitting the stump come out of the bat’s body and at the stumps of the bat?


Because he was penalized for obstructing the lead. Why turn down an impossible opportunity? The fact that the ball hits the stumps means that the batsman has clearly done something right.

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Take Eminem’s rule: Don’t miss an opportunity to shoot just one shot.

If the batteries are enough, You can run more than 20 or 50 (depending on the type) to show their value and collect records. Football players can’t.

It is very rewarding for cricket lovers to watch the dry spells that make Rohit Sharma or Ben Stokes rain in most of the matches. Similar opportunities should be given to wizards Rashid Khan or curlers Shaheen Shah Afridi.

If the batters are not forced to return to the locker room. Why confine footballers to boundaries when they can gather magic and excitement as batsmen?

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Watching Rashid Khan celebrate shows that he is not limited by the number of jackets he wears [Lee Smith/Action Images via Reuters]

Aerial fire was aimed at the crowd. The midfielder pushes the ball into the air and jumps fully into the field. Return to the field of play if it is impossible to catch, or return to your friends if it is impossible to catch – four or six are prevented. Ability, Mind and vitality are amazing, but there must be a limit.

A hit should not be penalized by not hitting the ground (or billboards) after crossing the line.


Review and all eyes are on the big screen. Ball tracking shows the ball hitting the stumps. But to come out or not to come out?

Cricket Facts, Types, Lifespan, Call, Pictures

Yes, that depends on what the judge said first. In case the umpire’s original judgment shows the ball crossing the stumps LBW. For example, It can affect the judgment of technology.

Anil Kumble, the head of the ICC Cricket Board, said the umpire’s call was still part of the review process.

“The basic principle of DRS [Decision Review System] is to correct obvious mistakes in the game, focus on technical predictions and check the umpire’s role as the on-field decision,” Kumble said. .

But while the review was being transferred to the TV wicket, a soft signal – indicating an unofficial ruling on a possible wicket – was removed from the game. Therefore, the judge’s call can be easily followed.

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More than 75% of the balls were off the stumps. He called the judges. They actually made an LBW joke. Total nonsense. #ENGvIND #RohitSharma Player of Major League Cricket’s Los Angeles Knight Riders.

Purple in North Texas; On Thursday, 22 men will don the gold and yellow and take up the bat and ball in the first game of Major League Cricket. The sport is popular in many places, but not in the United States.

The Texas Super Kings will host the Los Angeles Knight Riders in the opening game of a 19-game series at the newly renovated 7,200-seat Grand Prairie Stadium.


“This is something new for cricket in this country,” said Zubin Sarkari, who runs Major League Cricket operations. “T20 (short format) is three hours of exciting cricket. The pitch looks great, the pitch looks great. It’s never been done before in a stadium of this size.”

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Grand Prairie Stadium in Texas will host the first eight games, and the next seven will be played at Church Street Park near Raleigh and Durham. The teams will then travel back to Grand Prairie to compete.

New York, MI San Francisco Unicorns; The Seattle Orcas and Washington Freedom are the remaining four teams. All featuring international cricket stars.

MLC is co-founded by Willow TV, North America’s largest cricket broadcaster, Sameer Mehta and Vijay Srinivasan.

The two businessmen plan to grow the game in the United States by bringing in international talent and building stadiums and training facilities in hopes of nurturing the next generation of American cricket.

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Despite being the second most watched sport in the world, cricket is not popular in America after football.

Sarkari said supporters of the new league want to change that by marketing MLC to every American who loves bat and ball sports.

“The T20 format of cricket is very popular with most people,” Sarkari said. “It’s fun, it’s three hours, it’s got a stadium with stadiums and lights and things for kids to do. It’s like the other minor leagues, Major League Baseball, but not at this level.”


However, former ESPN cricket writer Peter Della Penna said the MLC failed to address American sporting culture and did little to generate organic support from the American public.

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“To fill the stadium on the opening night, we have given more tickets to cricket families and organizers,” he said. “There has been very little effort to initiate grassroots efforts.

Penna has been sponsoring American cricket for the past 18 years. He said that MLC’s approach to developing cricket in the country is different from USA Cricket (Men’s and Women’s National Cricket Teams) who mostly rely on migration methods instead of building an organic path like other sports.

“There are a lot of people moving to join the MLC, but what does that mean for the health and sustainability of the league and cricket in the country,” Penna said. “Instead of bringing in international stars who are not known to Americans, we should first introduce cricket as a high school league, creating a path to become an NCAA Division 1 scholarship sport.” World Cup 2023 – India v South Africa – Eden Gardens; Kolkata, India – November 5, 2023 India’s Shreyas Iyer and Virat Kohli run between the wickets /Adnan Abidi TPX Licensed Images of the Day

Kolkata, November 5 (World Cup) It was meant to be a battle between these two superstars, but the manner in which India crushed South Africa on Sunday showed the rift between the hosts and the rest of the team in 2023. The competition.

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India’s batting and bowling started again as they posted a record 302-run win in the 1996 World Cup three days after defeating Sri Lanka by just 55 runs.

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