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Get Cricket Score – Cricket is a very popular sport and it is easy to find good apps. Here are the best cricket score apps for Android!

Cricket is an amazing sport all over the world. It is popular in countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Australia. It is somewhat surprising since the game originated in England. In any case, there are many apps for cricket lovers and especially for those who want to score matches from all over the world. However, it seems that many people want a good scoring program. Here are the best cricket score apps for Android.

Get Cricket Score

Get Cricket Score

Cricbuzz is one of the most popular cricket score apps on Android. The app has many standard features including quick scores and commentary updates, upcoming match schedules, news and editorials, stats and standings, and support for IPL, BBL, CPL, Natwest T20 Blast and other major tournaments. The user interface is simple, but effective and seems to work well in tests. Some people love the app, while others complain a lot about the bugs. Its divisive nature makes it difficult to recommend to everyone, but it has as much detail as you can expect to find in a cricket app. Developers also have specific apps for Indians.

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Cricket Exchange is a popular cricket scores app. It features various competitions and leagues, including men’s and women’s leagues, as well as all three major forms of cricket. You also get live score updates along with ball-by-ball commentary, video highlights, various trivia, a news section and match polls. We love leaderboards so people can brag about how accurate they are when it comes to predicting matches. There is a paid subscription that removes the ads and that’s fine if you participate with this program.

CricHeroes is a cricket score app for lovers. It’s so good that it’s the only fan scoring app we’ve included on the list. You can track individual players, games, and entire series if needed. Lockdown controls are easy enough to use quickly to keep up with the game, and you can analyze stats after matches. The app comes with some additional benefits such as video content, trivia, quizzes, polls and the like. However, if you really play cricket and need a scoreboard app, this is the one we recommend you try first.

CricLine is another great cricket score app. The user interface is very simple, so those who like fancy solutions may need to look elsewhere. However, everything else in this program is solid. It covers a wide range of cricket competitions, teams and leagues. The app has fake reviews, unfortunately, and those reviews promise things that aren’t true. However, as a scoring program, it does its job admirably. The only downside is the advertising as it can be a bit annoying at times.

CricSmith is not the newest or most popular software. However, it offers a clean user interface, accurate markings and fast updates. The app is great for keeping track of games as they happen. It also contains player information, push notifications for various important game events, some news and other features. The news section looks a little plain, but it seems to have a good selection. It won’t win any awards, but it’s a simple app that gets the job done.

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Cricket Line Guru is a simple yet effective cricket scoring software. It has support for a bunch of tournaments, including the World Cup. It also offers live score updates, match lines and commentary. All information is well organized for easy reading at work or at home. There are even polls about who you think will win. There are some bug complaints in the Google Play Store review, but most people seem to enjoy the app.

We didn’t expect ESPN to have a dedicated cricket show, but here we are. This app features international coverage of various leagues and competitions, as well as live scores, ball-by-ball commentary, various updates and alerts, news, video highlights and more. It’s an amazing all-in-one option and you can even customize it to focus only on the leagues and competitions you care about. Most of the complaints we received were about connectivity issues. Other than that, the app looks and works great.

The ICC is as close to an official cricket program as you can get. The ICC is the governing body of the game of cricket and its official program covers all aspects of cricket. Covering both men’s and women’s cricket, it includes ball-by-ball commentary, a match center with lots of team stats, full team pages with more details, video content, match announcements and a news section. It suffers from some connectivity issues and some say the website is better than the app. However, we thought the program worked well. It is also completely ad-free and comes with a smart user interface.

Get Cricket Score

OneCricket is another lesser known cricket score app with a good reputation. It does all the things you’d expect, like score updates and support for tons of cricket tournaments. However, this allows you to pin games so you can quickly refer to them when needed. This quick score reference sets it apart from most of its competitors. However, it doesn’t seem to have a detailed ball-by-ball definition and some parts of the UI could use some work. Still, it’s better than most.

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SofaScore is a little different. This covers many matches from many leagues around the world. It is best known for its football results, but covers many of the major American sports as well as other sports such as cricket, rugby, volleyball, cycling, water polo and many others. This is a great option for multi-sports fans who want to follow their favorite teams or competitions. It doesn’t have the detailed features of dedicated cricket score apps, but it’s great for people who want all their sports scores in one place.

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Get Cricket Score

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The 10 seconds that ended my 20-year marriage It’s August in northern Virginia, hot and humid. I still haven’t showered after my morning run. I bring my mother home…Live Cricket Scores API provides insights into a wide range of cricket data including matches, partnerships, players, scorecards, series, teams, commentary and more.

Cricket Live Scores is a Freemium API and the basic plan allows 2500 free requests per day. You can find more pricing information here.

There are a few quick steps to start using the Live Cricket Scores API:

The Best Cricket Score Apps For Android

This API will require users to start by calling the match/series lists to find all possible match and series IDs. For specific information about match/series results, users will get specific scores for matches, series or players.

This sample response from the last matches section shows the following 10 matches, either completed or ongoing. These identifiers can be found on the first line. Below we can see that 43650 is the match ID of Match 7 of OCI Men’s World Cup 2019 between Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka.

Calling the end of a series provides specific information about when the next set of games in the series will be played.

Get Cricket Score

Sample answer from

Live Cricket Score

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